Welcome to Creative Day Learning Center in Lombard Illinois!

As individuals we are all unique, having different needs and personal goals, which help us establish the criteria for a happy and healthy living environment. Children too have different individual needs at various points throughout their growing stages. Our objective, at Creative Day Learning Center, is to accommodate these needs by: 1) presenting a warm and healthy atmosphere filled with many options for practical experiences, 2) providing a home away from home type surrounding comfortable to all children, 3) submitting a healthy positive attitude, creating enthusiasm which is so vital to a child’s progress as they grow.

In so doing, we focus on activities in the areas of language, social, and motor development. Our program includes: Arts and Crafts, Music, Literature, Writing, Dramatic Play and Science activities. We encourage the art of doing, as it is through experience and practice that a child progresses.

In general, we provide an informal and natural home type setting which is important in making children feel welcome and accepted by his/her teachers and peers. This also makes him/her feel secure and protected.

Finally, our overall goal is to foster a positive attitude to each and every child, giving all the encouragement and support needed to grow and carry on day to day. This is the criteria we at Creative Day Learning Center have set for ourselves as we strive to consistently build a happy and healthy second home for your child.